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01 January 2020 @ 11:59 pm

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24 December 2010 @ 10:05 pm
~*~*~ MERRY CHRISTMAS! :D ~*~*~
(...in advance XD it's still the 24th here eheheh)

ミ☆ I've been working for almost two months! My daily commute is slightly over 1 hour one-way but i can't complain much cause i've a great boss (incidentally, he was at my interview that time and sorta chose me) XD

ミ☆ Have purchased an Ipod Touch 4G soon after starting my job and I'm so so so so in love with it *_____* Some of the free apps (dictionaries, puzzle games etc) really exceeded my expectations <3

Though, any recs from the flist? There are way too many apps around =o

ミ☆ Haven't had much time to keep up with fandom, but I do know that

★ Jin has signed on with Warner Music Group キタ━━ヽ(´▼` )ノ━━!!!! Single and album better be out soooooooon ♥♥♥

★ KAT-TUN's 2010 tour dvd will be out in a few days. Ahhh to think i was in Japan and even attended one con not too long ago... *nostalgic*
Ahh so sleepy >_< it's slightly just past 10PM now! Gosh, my sleep cycle is so messed-up/ proper (depending on who you ask.. XD)

Happy holidays ヽ(^▽^#)ノ
17 July 2010 @ 10:25 pm
Re: this.

Can't say it came as a complete surprise to me - I was there when Kame mentioned "新しいKAT-TUN” after all. I guess that was the primer for me. >_>

One of the things I learnt from my recent overseas trip is that despite how horrid/ infuriating things may seem at that moment, they will eventually turn into memories to be looked back upon with - varying measures of - fondness.

And I still like what Kameless wrote back then in March when the first wave hit:
“所以至于赤西仁,洒脱地爱也好恨也好,谅解也好责怪也好。也都是,喜欢上或者喜欢过这个人所留给我们的记忆。” (love or hate, understand or blame him: whatever it is, it's all because you like or have liked the memories this person has given you) aka that's why you actually give a damn.

I won't forget those precious memories. :)
21 June 2010 @ 04:35 pm

I could've gotten this last week but oh well....stupid local post service I have here =_="

It definitely feels a lot less surreal now that I've got the ticket in my hands.

Things are good lately; I managed to trade in my LG phone for a much much sleeker Samsung Jet (Yay wifi! it's no iphone, but i'm happy enough for now ^^), and I have pretty much settled everything for the upcoming ~*~*~summer trip~*~*~

I just feel a little bummed at not being able to catch Jin live after reading all those concert reports about how fun it is, and how his songs are actually nice (fan-recordings weren't doing them much justice then, if any? XDD). BUT U.S. is too faaaaaar and I've no moolah. So yeah. The next time I fly to Japan for concerts you better be there, mr a.j.

TWO MORE DAYS to Osaka~~~~ and then we'll go up to Hokkaido for a bit before travelling down to Tokyo...followed by Taipei for foooood and shopping!

23 February 2010 @ 01:46 am

I don't flail about you as much as I should have on LJ, but I do adore you loads, and it's nothing to do with the fact that you're one half of my OTP.

You're cute, dorky, pretty, effortlessly hot, silly, flaily, pervy, a chronic emoji abuser, glamorous, serious, and did i mention hot?...basically you're a hell of an amazing guy. Who I might actually pick over Jin, if I ever meet someone like the two of you in real life. ♥ asdjkhsgklfjs don't brick me, jinnars. i'm one too ._.

HAPPY 24TH, KAMENASHI KAZUYA (ノ ^ ▽ ^ )ノ‥‥━━━━━☆!

i bet you got loads of cake, and they're miles prettier than this. frankly, it's not too hard to top that. XD


UHM, and the rest of the entry is about your hot bandmate and his favourite weird mishmash food...and what happened today. yes, very smooth, i know.

So. When Jin pimps his TAKUAN+RAYU (pickled radish+chili oil) combination he gets these kinds of amusing expressions and comments:

cut for length...Collapse )

ETA: I'm finally watching the Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge cast on Tokyo Friends Park, and being all flaily at how Kame and Uchi gravitated towards each other for first hugs/ high-fives after they complete their challenges ('first' because they do that with the rest of the cast as well). Too cute :D